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Khalid Ahmed Transforming Africa (KATA) Foundation was setup in honour of H.E. Khalid Hossain Ahmed who tragically passed away on 28th July 2021 after an illness while he was receiving treatment. He was a loving father, a cherished husband, a philanthropist, and a renowned successful businessman and industrialist who was

celebrated for creating several opportunities for the young people in society. He was the husband to Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed.


His works uplifted the lives of many and was eulogized as a great resource for the country of Kenya. President Uhuru Kenyatta described him as a highly motivated and gifted entrepreneur whose successful businesses employed hundreds of young Kenyans.

“It is very unfortunate that death has robbed our country of a gifted businessman whose contribution to the progress of our nation shall be dearly missed,” the Head of State mourned.

Khalid Ahmed led a private life, but amongst friends he was known for his brilliant mind, his limitless knowledge, his passion for developing impactful technology and his steadfast commitment to see the complete and total upliftment of the African continent. He championed the bilateral development of technology transfer projects in fields from Medicine, Agriculture through to Education. His generosity encouraged international experts to visit Africa and witness the unparallel natural beauty and business opportunity for all.

H.E left this world far too early, but his legacy will continue for generations to come. The KATA Foundation was setup to ensure his dream is fulfilled. The foundation was established to actively engage all stakeholders to participate in creating a bright and successful future for the continent that is known as the origin of mankind. The foundation will look to provide resources to encourage the development of technology and opportunities that will benefit local Africans to facilitate their own upliftment and become masters of their own future.

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