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Aurora Media
Gary English - Founder & CEO 

BUSA Group help me to turn my business idea into reality




I have always had this dream of creating a meaningful business. I spent so much time trying to find the right way to take my business off the ground. Then I was blessed by the introduction to BUSA Group. They invested so much time to fully understand my vision and to build the real, tangible structure for my business idea. BUSA Group encouraged me to focus on my core vision and how to leverage that before I did other things that I was interested in.

At the moment I am on my first project with a partner that was introduced to me by BUSA Group. It is a major first step to grow my business. They have also helped me to find investors that are interested in investing to go full speed on my business expansion.

BUSA Group are really easy to work with and really are experts in helping to grow and scale the business. 

MedTech Sector

Beauty Vlogger

Africa 24 Media Ltd 
Asif Sheik - Founder & CEO

BUSA Group helped set us up for the consistent future growth that we wanted



I managed to get a bit of traction in my business but didn’t know how to take things to the next level. I had no experience of running a business before, and I knew I needed help with my overall strategy.

I felt quite overwhelmed trying to find the right resources and support. It was hard to know where I should invest my precious and limited funds, but I also knew that I needed to invest in order to grow. There are so many ‘experts’ out there.

I have met BUSA Group via my close friend and he recommended them to be experts in the business strategy field.

They helped us to come up with a clear business strategy plan and supported us in finding the right partners to support the implementation process. But not only that, they have also offered us their mentoring skills and held us accountable to achieving objectives and goals of the business strategy.

Thanks to them, I have found the right way to grow my business in a healthy, steady way.  

EdTech Sector 

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Pharmacy guys

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Experts in every field




They have helped us align an investment strategy that met our capabilities and match with our investment interest without sacrificing the quality of deals. We have expertise in investing into businesses, but we always found that our sector focus was diluted too much.

They have supported us in our journey to create a good investment portfolio to increase turnovers on investments with a focus in most promising businesses.

With their vast expertise and understanding of the entrepreneurial sector we knew they fully understood our approach and needs. And we weren’t disappointed. 

AgriTech Sector

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