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BUSA Group (“BSG”), is a boutique business consultancy and mentoring specialist, that have collectively, decades of combined experience in launching, scaling and exiting high growth companies through public offerings, trade sales and M&A exits. BSG interacts with public and private sector financial companies with a core focus on bespoke advisory projects for fundraising, strategic partnerships, and government relations.

BSG Innovation Fund I is a pre-seed & series A and B investment fund setup to invest in UK technology companies with a specific focus on Healthtech, Agritech and EdTech. The investment company leverages BSGs proven commercial and technical expertise, to build a long-term portfolio of global impact technology ventures. BSG look to work with domain expert founders who have the potential to be the innovators of today, tomorrow and the future. To be considered, all introductions should come from our trusted network of advisors.

BSG nurture and support high potential companies through its proprietary fee-based incubator programs. The incubator is designed to accelerate product-market fit, align regulatory roadmaps with consumer-driven commercialisation and provide strategically matched capital for ambitious growth. BSG invest into global impact technology and acquire distribution rights “for fast track to commercialisation” into emerging markets, in particular African and Asian markets.

At the BUSA Group we have adopted an approach best described as “The Wisdom of the Collective”. With decades of collective experience, we believe the “Many Are Smarter Than the Few”. Our approach is unique because the philosophy of Collective Wisdom has been proven to Shapes Business, Economies, Societies and Nations over the centuries.

James Surowiecki once wrote about the aggregation of information in groups, resulting in decisions that are often better than could have been made by any single member of the group. This is the underlying philosophy of the BUSA Group



Our constantly growing international advisory board and experienced partners will tap into this collective wisdom to consistently deliver results for our business clients. It is proven that a diverse collective of independently deciding individuals is likely to make certain types of decisions and predictions better than individuals or even experts – resulting in successful outcomes.

Our integrated business mentoring and coaching with services, provides niche bespoke solutions to assist you in defining and executing your strategy and achieving your business goals.

We are pragmatic, practical and always thinking outside of the box, for personalised and tailored solutions.

With presence in UK, Kenya, Mumbai and Singapore through our global investment and advisory partners, The BUSA Group aspires to be the go-to company for businesses around the world looking for hassle-free market-entry into emerging markets.

The BUSA Group leverages its extensive financial experience, industry expertise and a global network of relationships to successfully implement its debt and equity investment strategies

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